Ricoh RDC-7 AVI Movie Playback on Windows

For some reason the RDC-7 bundled software does not include the codec driver for playback of movies taken with your RDC-7. Since the sound channel is recorded using a standard .WAV format, most people can hear the sound but do not see the video once they copy the AVI file to their home computer.

It turns out that the video encoded by the RDC-7 is in MJPEG format (not the same as MPEG, notice the extra J). I was able to find a couple MJPEG codec drivers by searching on Google.

The codec I use is made by a company called "LEAD Technologies" -- here is their download page. If that doesn't work I have mirrored their trial codec installer. The trial period applies to encoding only, ie the decoder is not restricted and should enable unlimited playback even after the encoder trial period expires.

Mac users, I don't know what to tell you. Macs are historically better at the plug-and-play game so maybe this isn't even an issue with you folks?

Happy shooting! -tom

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