Chunk: yet another Java Template EngineJan 01 2011 | 14:24:17 | 5 Comments

Simple, powerful templates for Java

Simple, powerful templates for Java

Q: Does the Java community really need yet another templating engine?

A: Not really, but back when I started Chunk, there wasn’t anything else out there like it. Now that it has matured, I am releasing it into the wild, and if somebody finds it useful, great!

Click below for an introduction to better code/layout separation:


  • Macros, Includes and Conditional Includes.
  • Flexible null-handling; template designer may specify default tag values.
  • Library of powerful predefined in-tag filters, including regex (regular expressions), sprintf.
  • Expose a subset of obj methods to template with a single line of code.
  • Define multiple snippets per template file.
  • Support for theme layers with inheritance.
  • Highly optimized codebase.
  • Hooks for extending.
  • Localization framework.
  • Eclipse Template Editor plugin available with syntax highlighting & more.

Visit the Chunk project home on Google Code to download the Chunk Templates jar and get started.

I don’t know if Chunk is better than Velocity, I don’t know if Chunk is better than FreeMarker, but I’ve been using it for years and it’s gotten pretty cool.

Hackers are encouraged to contribute enhancements back to the community.  Google is hosting the code on its SVN server so it’s easy to check out a copy of the source and make whatever improvements you need.