iPhone App EnvyMay 04 2009 | 16:46:59 | No Comments

Argh, it’s such a timesuck upgrading my jailbroken iPhone to the latest iPhone firmware/OS.  I have T-Mobile so I have to keep my iPhone jailbroken/unlocked.  It’s easier than you would think (initially) but I’m still reminded of how annoying it is (1) every time I try to install some cool-looking app just to find that it runs only on the very latest iPhone OS, and (2) every time I open iTunes and that damned dialog pops up (‘Hey, you haven’t updated to the latest iPhone version.  I know I’ve asked you like 527 times already but gosh, don’t you really want to upgrade?’)

Yes.  I’m looking for the button that says “Yes, damn it, I do want to, but I don’t have five hours right now to waste re-jailbreaking and re-unlocking my phone afterwards, and then re-syncing 15GB of music and apps, just so I can run Sportacular.”

Why is it so hard to write iPhone apps that are back-compatible with “ancient” 2.1 which everyone was running, what, two months ago?  Aren’t they all just glorified javascript apps anyway?  Blurg.

I miss my sidekick.  Kinda.

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