Oh no they didn’tMay 05 2009 | 00:06:20 | No Comments

Oh yes they did.  There is a Where the Wild Things Are movie coming out this October.

My first thought was, “What!?  How do you stretch a 20-page children’s book into a full feature-length movie?”  My second thought was, “uh-oh, there’s no way they can do the book justice.”  But then I saw the trailer.  Holy cow.

Not only have they done it, it looks like an instant classic.  Spike Jonze is a genius.

This is one of Mo’s favorite books.  We only have the spanish translation, which I fumble through poorly but he still asks for it again and again.  Definitely one of the best children’s books, uh, ever.  Maurice Sendak.  He must have passed on other offers before Spike & crew came along.  This really looks like something special.

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